Catron County, New Mexico has about 400 miles of paved road, and we're planning to walk every mile of it ... eventually ...

Friday, June 29, 2007

Status update

The light blue represents fresh miles.
Statistics for 6/28 walk, per cheapy GPS with old batteries:
Total miles walked: 5.43
Total miles not previously accounted for: 5.09
Moving average: 2.8 mph
Time in motion: 1:56:06

The area circled in darker blue represents a quandary of sorts. Highway 59, in the bottom southeast corner of the county, was paved at one time, so technically belongs to this walk. I'm not sure how many miles of the once-paved part actually are within the county line, or what condition it's in. Even getting to it will depend on good luck, in the form of someone with a good truck willing to spend a day or two out in very remote country, which, when you think about it, shouldn't be so hard to find. We'll just have to see.


  • At 8:33 AM, Blogger Blabberon said…

    Hi, Suzanne,

    It is great to see you back on the trail. I guess we are taking turns! I am off the trail! Currently in the Seattle area helping various relatives with their various projects; my brother is moving so I am helping him get ready and my son is building an airplane and I am bucking rivets!!

    I look forward to returning to Fort Bragg and resuming my daily walks.

    Anyway, welcome back!!

    Wonderful photos.

  • At 11:48 AM, Blogger Suzanne44 said…

    Yeah, I know what you mean, I get a little bucking rivets sometimes, but a hot bath and a long nap generally does the trick...

    I thought you might be posting from Seattle, but all that rivet bucking is getting in the way, I see...

    Nice to hear from you, Ron - wish me luck - Suzanne


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