Catron County, New Mexico has about 400 miles of paved road, and we're planning to walk every mile of it ... eventually ...

Monday, January 09, 2006


It's been so long since I posted on a blog, it feels awkward and weird.

So, a recap of 2005:

Between January 1st and the end of May, we covered more than two-thirds of the paved roads in Catron County on foot. Then we took a nice long break.

Now it's 2006, and the Walk is back on.

January 1st, 2006 - drove one car to Datil, and walked from the intersection of Highway 12 and Highway 60, going east on 60, for a bit less than three miles. The sky was a deep and cloudless blue, the air was cold, the wind was fierce. Stopped for a quick snack of bread and cheese and Christmas fudge, then headed back west two miles and turned off onto a paved road that runs into Datil and ends back where we started, at the intersection of 12 and 60. Our total miles were 5.8, but ground covered actually came to only 3.8 miles. I was relieved to find out that 5.8 miles didn't almost kill me, as it would have when I started walking in January of 2005, although I did end up with a slight case of shinsplints and was slightly sore for a day or two.

We planned to walk again on January 8th, but I had a sore throat, a slight fever, and a weird rash of fever blisters on my upper lip.

Next scheduled walk will be Saturday January 14th, when we will try to walk from mile marker 80, where we turned around last time, all the way to the county line and the Very Large Array and back, about 9 or 10 miles total, assuming the weird rash of fever blisters has not migrated to my lower lip, or anywhere else, for that matter. I'll post pictures next time of the stretch between Datil and the VLA.


  • At 4:03 PM, Blogger Spike said…

    At last! >:)

    *Homer voice* Mmmm...cold, wind and fudge...delicious...

    The weird rash sounds truly weird and no doubt will excite your local doctor.

    Forgot you're near the VLA. You should get some interesting wind sounds off that.

  • At 12:51 PM, Blogger Suzanne said…

    Interesting wind sounds? Maybe I could hear some if my walkpartner would just shutup for a minute...


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